What kind of question is that, you may wonder? And yes, you are right, it is a question which you normally do not hear that often.

I mentioned already that I love to wear dresses and I wear them every day. I am approached very often by women, giving me compliments about my dresses and that they always fit perfectly to the various occasions as well underlining my personality. Followed very quickly by the comment that she does not wear dresses because she thinks dresses are to uncomfortable, not practical enough or she does not have the perfect shape for it. There are a lot of different reasons “Why they not dresses”.

I could tell you a lot of examples and stories about it. Like the story I have been told just recently by a woman.

Before I start, I just like to note that I really can relate to all the “good” reasons why dresses are often not the first choice. As most of the women I made similar experiences and of course I think that some parts of the body are not perfect and should be covered whereas. And exactly, this is something I aim for with Vitoria Johansson, to design dresses for all of us, meet the different demands – highlight our favourite parts of body and cover those which we do not like that much. And this is much easier as it is with pants for example. It could have different reasons why we want to hide certain parts of our body. Sometimes the cause of it, can go back to events happened many many years ago, or even decades.

Like in the story of the woman. She was absolutely convinced that she can only wear pants – and she thinks that for at least 25 years now. I’ve learned this is just because for one single reason.

She never, absolutely never, considered to shop dresses because she clearly knew she would not wear them. You should know that she has a great figure, is sporty and slim with a size of 36. Wow.

However, she thought that dresses do not support her to hide her legs!

Since her childhood she believed that she does not have the ideal legs to wear dresses. At least that’s what her mother told her. Of course, it may be a bit unclear in which context that was said, or which dress she wanted to wear at that point of time and maybe her legs looked a bit unfavourable. But that does not really matter, because the only thing that blocked her for so many years was that she believed that she has not ideal legs to wear dresses.

What a blockade! For such a long time!

I told her about my idea that I would like to follow my passion and would design dresses suitable for any occasion, as well as dresses for every type of woman. Because I am convinced that THE DRESS is the perfect garment for women and variety of occasions. And I truly believe that for every type of figure, there is the matching dress.

When talking about my passion and enumerating all the benefits dresses have, she became totally excited.

From that day on she was more attentive to the dresses when strolling through the shops or doing window shopping. She started to like the idea of wearing dresses for the various occasions in business and life and became very enthusiastic about dresses.

A short time later, she bought a first dress. Very beautiful. Great colour, great cut, great fit. Simply comfortable, good-looking, suitable for a variety of occasions. Pure enthusiasm and happiness!

And the absolute best of that story: When her mother saw her in her new dress, for the first time in decades, she was so excited. She told her daughter what beautiful legs she has, perfect for dresses. And she really wondered and asked her daughter Why did she never wear dresses? Dresses fit her perfectly and highlight her beautiful legs. What a happy end!

The blockade was gone after such a long period of time. Those types of blockages are totally meaningless and bring no value.

Now she is so enthusiastic about dresses and their advantages. She is already looking forward to her first dress from my collection and supports me to push my idea of ​​my own label forward and to make so many other women happy with great dresses.

Dresses with practical elegance that support us women in our active everyday life.

It’s your time to shine!

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