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It is so great! Since the people know, „I am doing something with dresses“  I hear a lot of stories women have experienced when wearing a dress or dressing up for a special event. Funny Stories. Stories with a lot of emotions. Stories about feeling powerful. But also stories about not feeling comfortable in the chosen dress, and feeling insecure, while wearing it and even after the event. The typical “I don’t know what to wear”. And all the stories, I really can relate to, as they have happened to me in a similar way as well.

Just happened yesterday! I have been told a story that reminded me of a very important business meeting where I didn’t feel comfortable at all – during the meeting, but also afterwards.

The woman who told me her story is the type of business woman – a lot of energy, feeling excited about her work, and being very ambitious, managing a lot of tasks during her day. Simply, the type of woman of today.

And she just remembered very clear an event which is almost 20 years back, when she just started her business carrier. She was told to pick up an important business partner from the airport. She liked the idea to meet a person from the US and to welcome him in her country, talking a bit english and showing him around. She was so excited about it and was looking forward to the meeting.

At the day, when she was supposed to pick him up, she spent almost a half day, only to find the perfect outfit. Jeans felt inappropriate as she didn’t want to present herself as just the person being the car driver for him, as she also represents her employer. So, she wanted to look and feel important. But a blouse and formal business pants felt too conservative.

After hours of looking for the perfect outfit she decided to wear a costume – a skirt with a blazer. It was a really nice pick. It gave her exactly that feeling of being important and looking professional.

Finally, she met the business partner at the airport and drove him to the hotel, showed him around. BUT – all of a sudden, she felt uncomfortable and a bit inappropriate dressed. She didn’t really know why. It lead to that she couldn’t really enjoy it and could not focus on the conversation. Even though she was so looking forward to the meeting. Such a pity!

Later on she knew what caused this kind of insecure feeling – It was just because the skirt was too short. The costume itself was beautiful fitting her age and shape, only the length of the skirt didn’t match with the situation.

While listening to her story and I immediately found myself mentally back to the day when I had this important meeting. Just imagine, 10 people – all male except two female, I and one from the customer. Puh. Already when preparing for the meeting, packing the suitcase I became nervous. “I don’t have the right dress for this occasion”. I went through my entire wardrobe. A lot of nice dresses. But for such an important costumer meeting you cannot show up with very colourful dresses. I like white colour for this type of meeting, but unfortunately it was almost winter and it did not work. Other dresses with different patterns were inappropriate too. I would have preferred a dark blue coloured dress, it presents seriousness and professionalism, it always looks good. But all my dark blue dresses were too casual. So, I chose the typical classic for that meeting. The typical black business dress! Even though I believe that black is often too strong.

So, I went to the meeting with my black dress! With a feeling of being dressed too strict, and also too conservative… The meeting itself went really well with good interaction. But still I didn’t really feel comfortable at all. But then travelling back, get off the plane – there it was! This special OMG-feeling, which made we feel even worse after that successful meeting.

The slot on the back of the skirt – OMG – it is too short. At least I felt so. Almost showing parts of my body I never ever want to show in public. All those feelings, you can imagine, came up. Driving home I went through the whole day again, reviewing each and every single situation. You know, all the situation I was standing in the group of people from the customer, my colleagues. Did they see something. Did they thought something. Oh my goodness. What an unpleasant feeling…

That showed me once more how important it is to have the perfect dress for the various occasions. Not only to look good to others, more importantly to feel comfortable and have confidence, and simply being able to focus on what matters in this special moment. Be professional and successful.

I am so happy that Vitoria Johansson will launch the first collection early next year. I am so happy for you and all women out there facing same trouble, as I did and my friend. No more fear, just pure power and happiness. Dresses, that let you shine in business and life! Tschakka! 

Does it sound familiar to you too? Do you have a similar story? I would really love to hear it. Would you like to share it with me? I would be happy and proud that I am the one you trust and share it. Looking forward reading from you.

It’s your time to shine!

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