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Get to know the person behind Vitoria Johansson – Kristin Theis

WOW – What a feeling!

Oslo, December 3rd 2018, outside temperature -10 degree – and, yes I am still cycling to office. Fresh air, exercising before job, environmentally friendly travel, independent from any (traffic) circumstances – what a feeling!

Same place – same date! I am launching my own website! Wow – what a feeling! The website for my project, my own business, or – my mission if you like. I can’t believe it is true. The last month and especially the last weeks and days were full of excitement together with emotional ups and downs. But right now in that moment, pushing the launch button – there is just one feeling: Happiness!

Almost 1,5 years went by from the very first day, when the very first idea crossed my mind together with this very special gut feeling that told me I should listen to my thoughts until today – going live with my own website. This period was full with mixed feelings, evenings with a glass of wine and discussion the idea with spouse, family, friends, evaluating pro’s and con’s. After all that, I woke up one morning, just a morning normal as every other day, my life changed completely. I literally opened my eyes and knew very clear, that if I am not doing it now, I would never ever do it in my life.

So, I did. I started. What a feeling!

I love dresses!

I am so excited about dresses, that I am wearing dresses everyday – in business and in private. If possible, I would wear dresses even when doing sport.

Dresses let me feel very comfortable, always underlining my personality combined with a professional appearance. Dresses let me feel beautiful, highlighting those parts of my body I really like and covering those which are not my best friends. On days when a pair of pants would be too tight – a dress gives always best comfort.

Dresses also support my ideal of travelling light – it doesn’t take too much luggage to be dressed perfectly for different occasions on travel. It is easy to combine and with that it helps minimizing the number of pieces to pack for travel – doesn’t matter whether for business or private travel.

It was therefore not really a big surprise that I wanted to do “something with dresses”. As I do work in corporate for the last 20 years and 10 years of living abroad in various countries and working in an international environment I am very much familiar with different occasions and (business) cultural environments which require appropriate dress code where I always wanted to feel comfortable and looking professional but authentic at the same time. Within a hectic working period there was often not much time available for shopping of nice business wear as well to choose the perfect outfit in the morning for the upcoming working day.

And now as a working mother time challenges increased much more and I try everyday to make most time available for the things which are most important to me. To pick the right dress is definitely not my favourite task in the morning. Having a set of dresses in my wardrobe which fit to different occasions and that gives me time savings for my morning routine.

However, I have not found the perfect dress, yet. I therefor realized: It’s my time to follow my passion. I will design dresses. Dresses with an elegant and practical design and let women look ladylike and underlines their personality. Dresses in which women feel of course comfortable, but at the same time strong, powerful, beautiful and energized. Dresses which support our active and busy life-business schedule we women have and let easily disappear our first task of our daily to-do list: What should I wear today? What a great relief!

I wish that women can dress every day with the least possible effort and are dressed in a practical elegance that supports their active everyday life as well as their personality. They should focus on what really matters to them – business, personal projects, family, children, sport, you name it!

I love women!

I am so excited to see what women are able to achieve and I love to see women being successful and influencing others. I easily get inspired from women and their success stories – small or big! I am excited about what incredible things happen when women support each other.

Design dresses and support women = Passion meets excitement

I am so excited about both that I am decided to follow my passion and want to fullfil my
dream. My own label to design high quality dresses and to support women!
There is nothing better I can think of – doing what I am passionate about and supporting women at the same time. That gives me pure excitement. Every day I am taking another step to make my dream come true.

I am helping women to find the perfect dress for the various occasions life and business have to offer. Women shall focus on what really matters to them – business, personal projects, family, children, sport, you name it!

My focus for my label Vitoria Johansson is very clear and reflects what matters most to me: You, quality, fun!

It’s your time…

You can focus on what matters to you, while feeling good & happy and being successful.
It’s your time to shine!

Please join me on my journey!

Enjoy my blogs and

  • be excited as much as I am and feel with me when you read my highest highs and lowest lows on my journey of founding my label until my first collection will be
  • be introduced to the idea of the name of my label Vitoria Johansson.
  • My Blog “Do you have legs for a dress?” has stories about what holds us women from wearing dresses.

Enjoy! It’s your time!

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