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the key criterias for vitoria johansson are

  • Highest quality
  • Happy customer
  • Be passionate and have fun
  • Build lasting relationship
  • Consider environment
  • Focus on what matters

To meet the above criteria Vitoria Johansson will design and produce your dress in Germany. The material will be chosen from companies that meet our expectation of sustainable as well fair production and are located in Europe.

To work together with specialists in their profession and working in order to meet the highest quality standards makes fun and contributes to our key criteria and put our customer and quality in focus.

My Designer Elke Warsawa is an expert in her field and has great experience from working with well-known international brands. She is a professional enthusiastic about her work and a great supporter of the label Vitoria Johansson. With that she helps to make our ideas becoming real. Her studio is located in Meerane, Germany.

Studio U&N GmbH, Jahnsdorf, Germany
Working with professionals, who love what they, and they know exactly what do, based on long experience working with mid-size labels, gives confidence and achieves highest quality, but also reduces waste of material.

The result of that great collaboration – the perfect dress for you for your business, for your life.

You will feel extra-ordinary!

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