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Hi Vitoria,

how are you?

Do you know those days? You wake up in the morning, thinking about all the little things you have to manage during the upcoming day, all the tasks which are on your to do list and all the meetings and appointments scheduled in your calendar for today. And then, the one thing you have to decide before you really start your day. Exactly, that one! Which sometimes makes you feel like, just simply staying in bed, because this decision could be too stressful in the morning. What should I wear? It is not that you do not have enough clothes in your wardrobe, it is just that you cannot decide on which is the best fit for your busy and active day.

Sometimes it is the material which you do not like, because it is not comfortable. Or maybe your favourite piece does not have the right colour for the current season or does not fit with the occasion. Maybe you would prefer long sleeves instead of short, because you always feel a bit cold in office. Or maybe you would like to wear a dress, but you think it is too unpractical, when sitting the whole day in meetings. And you choose a piece which is practical but does not look elegant or professional enough, but you know you is comfortable to wear. And when pulling it over, you think: It’s not perfect, but it will work. I do not look professional, not elegant and I will not support a professional appearance, but at least it practical.

And now imagine, you wake up in the morning, thinking about your day and the different tasks and things coming up during the day. Instead of feeling stressed out you feel just happy and looking forward to the upcoming day, because you know that you the perfect dress for the various occasion coming up during business and life. So, you do not need to even think about it What you should wear. Because you can trust your wardrobe. It has the dresses which suit you and underline your personality. In which you are always dressed appropriate and let you look like elegant as well professional. Dresses that let you feel powerful and which are comfortable. Your dress that let you shine and accompany you through your active day.

Wouldn’t it be great!

Yes, it would be.

Vitoria Johansson is founded based on the idea and the aim to have the perfect dress for you! Dresses that let you shine. Dresses with a practical elegance!

Vitoria Johansson is the synonym for all of us ambitious women.

Women with busy schedules every day and be successful in our profession. Women who are independent and like to focus on what really matters to them. Who are active, balancing business and private as best they can. Who have a strong sense of responsibility not only for the environment, but also for community.

Kristin, the founder of the label, puts her customer in focus. They are the most important and they should be happy and successful.

And Vitoria stands for all the women and their success. And Vitoria is simply a beautiful which connects to Italy, the country of fashion, strong and charismatic women paying attention to themselves.

Johansson as a Scandinavian name stands reflects the place where everything started for Kristin and her label, but it also stands for this kind of active, professional and responsible lifestyle.

Are you Vitoria Johansson? Yes, you are!

Join us and be part of it.

We would love to see you in one of the dresses from Vitoria Johansson that let you shine!

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