Your perfect dress for every occasion!

Your companion for the best moments and your greatest successes in your life.

vitoria johansson

is founded with the idea
and the aim to design the

perfect dress for You –

the woman of today.

A Woman

  • ambitious and successful in her profession,

  • independent and active in her lifestyle,

  • following her path to success,

  • managing her busy daily schedule – business and private

  • with a strong sense of responsibility for the community and the environment

  • with always a little bit too less time for herself

  • who appreciates quality and the flexibility of timeless design

  • with focus in the things that matters

wow, what a feeling!

Kristin, the founder of Vitoria Johansson, is passionate about dresses and makes her passion to her profession! What a feeling – Kristin’s story about her passion and excitement!

my latest articles…

You are Vitoria Johansson!

Hi Vitoria, how are you? Do you know those days? You wake up in the morning, thinking about all the little things you have to manage during the upcoming day, all the tasks which are on your to do list and all the meetings and appointments scheduled in your calendar...

Do you have legs for a dress?

What kind of question is that, you may wonder? And yes, you are right, it is a question which you normally do not hear that often. I mentioned already that I love to wear dresses and I wear them every day. I am approached very often by women, giving me compliments...

Powerdress!? – Do you have it?

It is so great! Since the people know, „I am doing something with dresses“  I hear a lot of stories women have experienced when wearing a dress or dressing up for a special event. Funny Stories. Stories with a lot of emotions. Stories about feeling powerful. But also...

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